Sophia Hyun is an international abstract artist based in the United States. Her painting styles have been influenced by the many cultures she has explored. Sophia loves to travel the world and be exposed to new places in order to open her mind to a deeper understanding of humanity and nature. As an artist, Sophia has developed an affinity for color, texture, and composition. Sophia's artistic technique involves the harmonious integration of forms, layers, and various other materials which coalesce to create a beautiful sense of movement within an atmosphere of joy.  Sophia's artwork is inspired by colors, nature, meditation, music, architecture, and travel.  As part of her evolution as an artist, she is inspired by closely observing daily events that create emotional narratives for her paintings. Sophia believes that colors are powerful media which create a bridge across the various energies, emotions, and rhythms that affect human moods, and she makes use of this synergy to express positive abstract emotions in her artworks. Through her work, Sophia aims to evoke a beautiful, contemplative experience of emotions being felt in the moment.