"I express my art through magnetic abstraction" - Sophia Hyun



Sophia Hyun is an abstract artist whose faith ignites her work. Ms. Hyun loves to travel the world and be exposed to new places in order to open her mind to an unlimited understanding of humanity and nature. She has a deep fascination with the multifaceted nature of the human spiritual experience and this expression transfer to her art.

After successfully accomplishing her goals in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, Ms. Hyun relocated to Orange County. Having been inspired by the art scene in Laguna Beach, she decided to pursue her long-held passion for painting. Blending her talent for painting and her passion for Christ has given Ms. Hyun a new, fulfilling purpose in life.

Sophia’s paintings are inspired by music, nature, travel, and meditation. In her years of experience as a designer, she developed an affinity for color, texture, and composition. Her technique involves a harmonious blending of forms and layers with in-the-moment intuitive expression and the integration of a variety of materials paired with the beauty of movement. Her intention is to create a beautiful experience for the viewers and each painting represents an exploration of the contents of her heart and soul. She hopes that each viewer will discover his or her own personal interpretation of Sophia’s art.

Sophia Hyun's artwork has been exhibited at Bricklane Gallery London, UK, Laguna Art- A- Fair in Laguna Beach, Saddleback Church Anaheim, Newport Beach Art Exhibition, Virga Gallery, Laguna Beach City Hall, and Saddleback Visual Art Gallery, Lake Forest.

Ms. Hyun also has a background in Business, Fashion Design, Interior Architecture and Design, and she holds a B.A. from UCLA.